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Print of an orginial oil on canvas painting by Sheri Frances. Royalty meets Hospitality. The pineapple became known as a sign of welcome, hospitality and celebration. In some cultures the crown on top of the pineapple represents royalty. This painting was first painted for a dear friend. Later I painted it with a prophetic message. My dear Caylee – sing a new song – rejoice! Your voice is a sweet sound. Daughter of the KING! You are a daughter of the King – take your rightful place. You are a queen and come from a long line of queens. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are unique, one of a kind. You have purpose and a destiny. You will rule and reign in the kingdom of God. Move forward into your destiny. You have strength and power in the name of Jesus. You have been given power and authority through the Holy Spirit. Rise up in strength and confidence. Hold your head high the Lord is with you, guiding you, protecting you. He will not lead you astray. (Full prophetic message is in my book. The Power of Divine Creativity).

Royalty Meets Hospitality

  • Print size:  11"x14"


    Frame size:  15"x18"

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